Words and Emotions


How does one rediscover one self…???
it can be through many ways… some one making u realize your through worth.. or some experiences that will make you change your perceptions towards life. But most importantly it’s U who decides to change… to RE-discover. 

I too had my discovery some years back. when i  had a deep introspection about what’s happening in my life. Amidst all the mayhem and confusions about what’s happening in my life.. i realised that i have to make a call. I have to change to change my life. things changed… and very rapidly. some good things.. some bad things… they all occurred! But now when I look back I realise that if not for these incidences that took place in my life I wouldn’t have been the Me!! 


2 thoughts on “Rediscovery

  1. thanks sneha!!!!! and i knw .. tht it's hard… but ultimately it's our choice!! we have to make up our mind.. and take a decision which we truly believe is right!!


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