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Mystery solved

Every time when i  had put trust in the hands of the unknown future.. i deceived myself into believing that  i would  soon fall in love… alas that never happened for quite some time. It’s strange how quickly i trust people and think they only intend the best for me. But yes i was loved but i did not love back. Was that my fault??? i kept wondering… sometimes i termed myself as ruthless and heartless. And i stayed hoping that love would come by like a passing train. It took me some time to realize that i was in a wrong platform waiting for my desired train. I waited and waited. I got into wrong trains.. some times realizing that but just hoping it would take me to my desired destination.. but it never happened!! At one point of time i almost changed my direction only quickly to realize that.. the destination that i intend to reach is not meant for me and i will never reach there.

Then finally my wait was over!!! but then again i was apprehensive about love. i said ” i am a stranger to love” this changed my life. i was so not sure about myself. All i did was give myself a chance. And slowly i realized yes i have found  what i was waiting for. This time i didn’t think about how the other person must be feeling. This time i thought about how i am feeling. I felt elated. Great. Out of the world. Never before  has some one made me feel so special. so loving.. so caring. There cant be any one else who could make me feel that way.

It’s like i got my gift wrapped directly by God.

i can now say..” i am on my journey to love”


4 thoughts on “Mystery solved

  1. Hey..its ok Anu.. I love reading blogs and wen you get to read of sum1 u know…its gets more interesting…and you really express well with your writing… Keep It Up!! 😀 😀


  2. Ooh…cool!! Congrats!! As u finally found the right train..which will take you to the right destination.!!
    Happy Journey and may this train never breaks down..all u need is now the continuous supply of the fuel of L ❤ V E 😀 😀


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