Words and Emotions


Silence holds many meanings

To some, it’s a sign of humility.
To some, it’s a sign of deep arrogance.
To some, it’s a way of life.
And to some it’s what they want in life.

How interesting isn’t it that…
each one of us interprets silence according to our own will.

We see the world not as it is….
But through our own respective set of “glasses”

Glasses tainted with our perceptions, expectations, beliefs and more over our biasness…

Silence in a holy place feels so DIVINE.. so heavenly.
whereas silence among two “once-good-friends” is so.. excruciating.. so painful.

Yet, the silence continues…
‘Coz there is more than what meets the eye..

May be that, one friend didnt realise when the other one was in pain… an emotional pain… 
All that the other one needed was
A little support…
A lil comfort..

If not more than a lil company.

May be that one friend was so much in love with the other that..
the other had to let go…
‘Coz that was not the right path.

Everything changes
Time moves on…
People move ahead with their respective lives…


Speech is silver.. Silence is Golden..
But silence is the cause of many “disconnections

Yet.. the  alternative available is SILENCE
which sometimes, is the best and only option!!!

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