You understand my silence…. it speaks to u… my behaviour astonishes you… yet you continue to hold me… close to your heart. i have had many arguments wid u… failing to understand what u’ve been tryin to say and when things dont turn up the way I intended it to.. i come up to u and say ” i shud have listened to u..” and u reply back.. ” haa.. i knew this would happen” and i jus smile…
The bond tht we share.. is strong enuf tht NO ONE else in this world can replace. I am so grateful tht i have u in my life… if not for u.. i wouldnt have ever discovered me… rediscovered the “me” in me!! your guidance and intuition all are so tru.. tht i dont need to turn to anyone else for any advice..
Thank u so much for being there in my life MAA!! 

5 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

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