Words and Emotions

The Sparrow

She lay alone, scared!!

in a dark room,

afraid to step out…

Afraid that the “light” outside would “blind” her….

Afraid of people who might cheat her…
Betray her.. of her trust..

Afraid that she’s too fragile..

Lost, was her faith in herself…

She lay there…


The room was suddenly lit by a ray of bright light…

A SPARROW flew into the room…

He whispered in her ear…

Child, what are you afraid of???? There is nothing in the world to be afraid of except for fear itself; Gather courage, my child. Prove yourself, to the world! there may be many who would doubt you but do not give in. There may be some who would criticize and hate you, in return give them a warm smile and love them back! There may be just few who will support you, hold onto them. Never let them go. 

 Child, your future’s bright. Get out and FACE the world

P.S: Each one of us represents the girl.. though the black room means different for different people. For me, it was my own thoughts that i had to fight against.
The sparrow is nothing but our own divine consciousness that NEVER fails!


6 thoughts on “The Sparrow

  1. that is a beautiful poem and written in a really good way… the concept of this poem is amazing and I would like to say thanks for sharing this poem to this world….. GREAT WORK.


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