childhood, memories, Words and Emotions


I found a dark green crayon inside my cupboard today..
It took me back to the memory lane…
To the beautiful times of childhood and play mates…
Where the strongest emotions were love and hate…
When my biggest asset was the 48 shades oil pastel crayons..
My crayons are the envy of your classmates..
I take pride in it.. As if i own the kohinoor..
My teacher once borrows my crayon set..
Accidently breaks a crayon into two..
So does my heart!!
She says sorry..
And i say.. ” itz ok, miss”
Not because im pretending…
Because i adored my teacher too much..
Thinking about those times bring back a smile..
How i fought with my sister…
But still loved to place her palm on mine…
Just because they were so tiny and tender…
How the biggest celebration spelled Mc Donaldz..
The happiest moment meant the Happy meal toy…
The scariest thing was getting a remark on your calender along with humiliation in class ( for the fear of which you always completed it on time)
The funniest thing was “Tom and Jerry”
The most boring thing was “Top Cat” on cartoon network..
The bravest thing was watching ” Aahat ”

Aah.. Those were the lovely days of childhood..
Where tension, anxiety, nervousness were unheard of!
Miss those days..!


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