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A Mumbaikar’s Life: Travelling in a Local Train

Like most Mumbaikars (I actually prefer Bombay to Mumbai, just scared of MNS and Shiv Sena loyalists) I DREAD travelling by train. Until fate played its part and I HAD TO travel by train to WORK.

The thought that first came into my mind, how am I supposed to cope up with travelling in trains when I am just not used to?

I had to deal with it. So be it! So, here it goes.. some of my observations.

Update: It’s been close to four years now, the following observations still holds true. And I have added a few more too.

The Class Divide

I have travelled in the all the four compartments- first & second compartments of women and general compartment. Here what I have observed:

  • Women’s Compartment: Apart from the little comfier seats and lesser crowd (occasionally) the only difference between these two ‘classes’ are thegaali-giving women.  In the second class compartment, you’ll find angrier, frustrated and more vocalladies- should I say women doling out expletives like there’s no tomorrow regardless who itis- be it young or old. The women in the first class compartment first start muttering under their breath. The moment it turns unbearable, they start arguing if need to shouting. The rest of the women start rolling their eyes. Some women who get conscious, then keep quiet. A few shameless ones continue to abuse clearly making itevident that they’ve just been transferred from the second to the first class compartment.
  • General Compartment: Best to travel when you have company. Men seem to behave themselves when women are not travelling alone. Over the past few years, I have noticed that the intensity of their stares has reduced as well!

Law of Entrance

It’s similar to Darwin’s Survival of the fittest, albeit a bit modified. The law of entrance is fit only for people who “HAVE IT” in them. It is nothing but strength, determination and sheer luck to push, resist being pushed else were and get in where you want to. The holds true for every class- first or the second.

Be Vigilant

'Getting into a Virar or Kalyan fast train is tougher than getting into IITs or IIMs': 20 jokes you'll only understand if you stay in Mumbai - IBNLiveAfter being a regular traveller for , over four years you may qualify for a good detective team. You can correctly predict when and where a person will get down. Observance is the key quality that you develop.

Cheap Thrills

No one misses a chance for a quick entertainment in a squabble by two or more gentle women. If your lucky, you may witness a mini WWE  with hair pulling and all.


I hate travelling in a crowed train like everyone else and have discovered this safe mode of boarding the Andheri local and any train post 8PM to ease my commute. M indicator phone app used to be my best friend- not anymore. Now I just use my gut instinct; continuous years of train travel does that do you!

How many of you travel by trains everyday like me? Have I missed anything in my observations? Why don’t you tell me in the comments below.


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14 thoughts on “A Mumbaikar’s Life: Travelling in a Local Train

  1. Local train, Uff.
    I have to travel nearly one hour on Local Train, Every day.
    Including all the factors that you’ve mentioned, the worst thing that you missed is about the people from second class getting into first class.

    They do it in the morning when they have a slim chance to get caught by TTE.

    I have travelled in the morning like 6:0 AM in excitement to get the seat. But unfortunately all are occupied by second class ticket holders, I usually found them sleeping on the first class seat.

    I am being racist, but I have a good experience to identify people are both the classes, and 90% I am right. It’s not that hard to observe.

    My friend has given up on Local train and continued working as a freelancer. I have felt like to give up every day. But I found I am a little bit more persuasive unless my objective are accomplished.


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