Words and Emotions

The SmarTEST!

The top 7 elites from India are Asif Khan Yusufzai from New Delhi, Sahil Khanna from New Delhi, Gaurav
Mittal from New Delhi, Mohsin Ahmed Batla from New Delhi, Tarun Miglani from New Delhi, Siddharth
Mukund from Lucknow, and Susanta Saren from Jamshedpur.

But this year The Committee has decided to reward the smartest, innovative and most diligent voter
with an all expense paid trip to Taiwan. While this may seem simple, you have to fight it out with some
50,000 plus facebook fans. After all opportunities like these don’t arise daily. And from what is heard
and seen, there is stiff competition on the page already. But no worries, remember that just the first
task has ended. You’ve got another 7 challenges left. So don’t sit here reading this, like the Facebook
page and start voting: www.2012smartest.com | https://www.facebook.com/taiwanexcellence.in |

Another thing, they’ve got Maliaka Arora Khan as their Taiwan Excellence Celebrity Endorser of Taiwan.
Nothing more needs to be said!



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