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When your younger brother’s Knowledge Quotient is more than yours :|

I always thought my general knowledge was up to the mark, until I played the BBC Knowledge Magazine Quiz App.
The quiz tests you on your knowledge of nature, history and science, and once you’ve answered all questions, you are tested in the general section. I assumed that the questions would be a piece of cake. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
The quiz asks clever questions on all topics, and gives the user something to think about as the options all closely resemble each other. On seeing my scores in the science, nature and history sections, I wish I had paid more attention to general affairs when I was younger, as these questions are more challenging than difficult.
I reached the general section after finishing the others, and there, the questions got tougher. There were pictorial questions too, and they were very cleverly put. Finally, when I finished that too, I checked my overall KQ – Knowledge Quotient. At just 56%, I felt quite slow. My younger brother, finished the quiz in a matter of minutes and scored an astonishing 78%.
The best part about the quiz is the prizes! The person with the highest overall KQ wins an LCD TV! I’d suggest you take the quiz now to increase your general knowledge and to stand a chance to win the exciting prizes. The quiz is available on Knowledge Magazine’s Facebook page. Play it now! 

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