The Straight Hair Experiment

Being a South Indian, I was born with curly hair. Luckily, my curls are long and I love my hair that way. But once in a while, when I really get bored, I try to straighten my hair. And.. I fail miserably!

Having curly hair means, easily damaged hair. More messy hair. Unmanageable tangles and the list goes on..

I’ve washed my hair with three different shampoos and try to straighten it while it’s wet, with the towel.

I’ve even tried to “iron” it with the clothes iron. 😛

Once I even tried straightening my hair by ‘ironing’ it with heavy books. Alas, all these antics did not give any result. 

I’m not a fan of poker straight hair. But once in a while I would love to sport a straight hair look, since I strongly believe that ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’


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