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Jamrung- The Waterfall Valley

Bored of spending the weekend in the city, my friends and I decided to spend the last weekend away from the city.
We wanted to explore a new place, somewhere we could have a care-free time, away from the city crowd. A friend suggested we should go to Jamrung, a village located 12kms away from Karjat. It took us close to 4 hours in total to reach the village. It should normally take less than 3 hours. The delay being caused by traffic and bad roads, but let’s not get into that! Once we reached the village, we stayed at a family friend’s cottage. A comfortable pad, with basic modern amenities.
The drive from Karjat to Jamrung is beautiful and will leave you mesmerised. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking pictures.
We reached Jamrung by 8pm and it was already pitch dark by then. We decided to explore the place, early next morning.
By 6.30 am, next morning, we decided that we shall walk around the place and get a closer view of the beautiful waterfalls.
We were trekking for close to one hour. We spotted a beautiful waterfall and happily clicked pictures.
We left by noon and reached Mumbai within 3 hours.A bit of google search revealed the following about Jamrung:

Waterfalls adorn the mountain ranges in Jamrung like a beautiful neck-piece. “Jamrung is located at the foot of the hills in the Bhimashankar range close to Karjat, less than two hours away from Mumbai. The road to the village is lined with lush green hillocks and waterfalls. The village itself is very simple and makes for a scenic vision during the monsoons. Although there aren’t any resorts in the area, you could consider homestays. Cottage Chaitanyawadi – a clean, spacious place with a garden – is ideal for big groups of trekkers and families. A local cook serves simple vegetarian meals for the boarders. Getting there: Take a rickshaw from Karjat Station, or take a private vehicle till the village end. Where: Jamrung Village, Karjat When: 6 pm depature for a day trip, 7 am departure for overnight stay Entry: Rs 600 per person, per day (includes snacks, tea, lunch) Call: 9819164578, or write to: chaitanyawadi. Source: MumbaiMirror 

If you ever visit this village, do let me know about your experience!

Below are few pictures from the trip!

It’s the resort where we had our meals


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