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Jad Se Judein: My take on the Mohit Chauhan Song

Before I begin, let me clarify that this post is not a sponsored one and I am writing it out of my own will since the video and song has really touched my soul.

The video starts with a short humming of Mohit Chauhan.. his voice is mesmerizing.

His voice is stupendously amazing! There are so many words to describe his voice and emotions that he portrays through the lyrics.

The song, Jad Se Judein, is one such song that touches your heart and takes you down the memory lane.

At first when I watched it, an array of emotions and visuals played before my eyes. I remembered my grandmother who used to stay with us. I remembered who she looked after me when I was a kid. I remembered how obstinate I was as a kid and refused to eat.  I felt guilty. Guilty of not calling her more often. Guilty of not being with her. Guilty of being a grand-daughter who visits her once in a while.

After watching this video, later that day, I did pick my phone and had a quiet call with her. She doesn’t speak much but that short call was enough for me to feel happy.

The video has other two instances that beautifully portraits the relationship of a teacher and a student and between two childhood friends.

For me, the grandmother-grand-daughter story was more emotional and touching as I could relate to it very well.

I will be honest when I say that I broke down while watching it for the third time.

The video is captivating and expresses finer nuances of relationships that seem so ordinary but are yet so powerful.

Have a look at the video and tell me if you like it or no.


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