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The Perfect Road Trip

I am writing this post for Ambi Pur India.. What I like about their contest is the topic! Almost everyone of us has had a road trip. Mention a long drive and all your friends go “Awwwww”.

I recently visited Jamrung, a picturesque village about 12 kms from Karjat. We started our journey at 4pm and reached our destination at 8pm.

My friends and I decided to opt for a long drive. Maruti Ertiga being our companion, we were 7 of us.

The road trip began with sharing childhood memories and all through out the trip, secrets, clandestine facts and embarrassing details were spilled out.

When you are a bunch of 7 grown ups and you talk about childhood memories, nothing can get funny or stupid!

Pop music was being played through out the drive and it set a mood for us. What was more memorable was the path through which we traveled.

By 6pm, it was twilight and the sky was fluxed with an array of colours. Slowly the sky turned dark. The trees were faint silhouette now. It was dark but not dark enough not to recognize your surroundings!

As we approached Jamrung, we could see the mountains encapsulated by fog. It was eerie, yet mesmerizing! Trees that covered both sides of the road, as though they are welcoming us. For a stretch, we didn’t spot any other vehicle.

Slowly we were nearing Jamrung. We could hear a faint, very faint sound of the gurgling waterfall that was just behind our cottage.

One must experience nature during the night. I believe you discover an altogether aspect of the place.

This was the BEST road trip that I’ve ever had! What’s yours? Let me know!


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