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Book Review: And the mountains echoed

Khaled Hosseini is a brilliant author. His previous books, The Kite Runner and Thousand Splendid Suns are in my “Good Reads” category. The magic of Khaled Hosseini is that you can easily identify and relate to all the characters. Such is his brilliance. 
When I laid my hands on his latest book, I was more than happy! I had read the author’s interview on HT Brunch before I read the book. He told the readers that it’s different from his previous two books. The third one concentrated more on emotions and it had almost nothing to do with Afghanistan or Taliban like his earlier books.
Each character in the book has a story. Every story has a reason. Every reason is encrypted with myriad of emotions. The special bond shared by Pari and her brother Abdulla en-captures nuances of human emotions. Once you start reading the book, it feels as if you are in a trance. It’s difficult to put down the book. Every character has a mystery. Every character has been portrayed across generations. The time moves back and forth. At some point, you stop empathizing with the character and start reading it as if it was your story. You feel the pain that the character tries to hide. You understand the unspoken. You start reading between the lines. You shed a tear. 
I will reveal no more. Go, grab the book and let me know if it touched your heart.   

One thought on “Book Review: And the mountains echoed

  1. the book is one more tour to Afghanistan. the story is beautifully written with too many characters woven together. the story unfolds at levels. it's different from the author's second book, which I didn't like much


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