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Book Review: The Oath of Vayuputras

I love mythology. The characters in Indian Mythology fascinate me. When I heard about the Shiva Trilogy few years back, it caught my fancy!
The first two books are just spectacular. The plot offers twists and turns that you will never expect. It defies all the cliche that one might expect in a mythological fiction novel.
Though this book was released months back, I read it only recently.
Having read the earlier two books, I had set high expectations on this one.
The story opens up with the revelation of The Evil, which was the focal point of the earlier two books.
Most of the book is dedicated into fighting the evil. I feel the book could have been shorter by a 150 pages or so.
The battles might confuse the reader but it isn’t monotonous. Hence it maintains the readers curiosity. The characters showcase different emotions and I  feel it could been better.
What comes as a shock is the climax. As a reader, you might shudder or even cry. Yes, it has that effect on you. 
I liked the book. Since my expectations were so high, I felt unsatisfied.
Have you read the book? Let me know your thoughts!
Book Review
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