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Two years of Tweeting

I have been working in the digital media industry for over two years now.

My love affair with twitter started the day I joined my first job. I had a twitter account but never actually cared to use it well. On the first day of my first job,we were briefed the importance on Twitter in digital media. We were asked to tweet regularly and engage with people randomly. Little did I know that this will turn into a fascination!

Image Courtesy: Weheartit

Over the past two years, I  have been tweeting actively. To be honest, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Twitter. But, I’m fond of twitter and I tweet A LOT. My fascination with Twitter helped me with second job which was primarily
twitter-focused. Come weekends, and I talk about the latest “trending topics”, “contests” and “crazy tweets”. Friends who are completely clueless just gape at me. Then I remember that they are not from digital media. Colleagues, friends and acquaintances have been constantly asking me about my passion for Twitter. They are perplexed about my addiction and simply can’t understand WHY I tweet so much. My reply is the same: I tweet whatever I feel like. That’s the crux.

A friend recommended that I should pen down my thoughts! And I thought, hell yeah. This led to my first social media post. Go check  Pro Tips for Twitter newbies on my second blog and let me know if you like it.

I plan to write more articles. Taking one thing at a time.


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