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Obsessing over The Mentalist

My latest TV series obsession is The Mentalist. I’ve obsessed to the point that I’ve started to deduce people. And I have….not succeeded in discovering anything new. 

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is charming. He is a charming loner. I love the way he is unattached. He is witty, manipulative, cunning and an excellent detective (consultant, technically) 

His charm rubbed off on me and for the past few weeks, I have tried to deduce people while I try to commute to work, talk to colleagues, acquaintances, strangers, neighbours, family. Essentially, all the time. 

In my quest to deduce people, I have understood that I have just started to pay attention to people more closely than I did previously. While I can’t claim that I have mastered the art of mentalism, I can safely say that I haven’t deduced people either. In short, my quest was a failure. 

I also tried to read a book on Mentalism. It turned out to be a book on animal psychology. Titles can be deceptive. I learnt that, the hard way.

I haven’t accepted defeat yet. I still have two seasons of The Mentalist to watch. I’m sure by the end of it, I can somewhat deduce my neighbour’s irritating little pet or the newly wed couple who act like they are siblings (they look very similar to me)

P.S: If you are a mentalist, kindly email me so that I can get free tutorials from you. 


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