Words and Emotions

An appointment with the Dentist!

You switch the television on and you are inundated with advertisements on the likes of “Kya Aapke toothpaste mein namak hain”, “Are your teeth heat and cold sensitive”, “Does your toothpaste provide you with 100% protection” I, like everyone else ignore these ads. Yesterday, I had an appointment with the Dentist. I woke up with a sharp pain on the right side of my mouth. The dentist examined me and quickly exclaimed that I may have to get “ROOT CANAL” done.

The two words reverberated for quite some time in my head. ROOOOT CANAL?


Answer: I did not take care of my teeth very well. Like most of you. 

Yes, oral hygiene is hardly taken into consideration. I’m not saying that we don’t. But it is neglected compared to others.

A little bit of google search revealed that :

Leading chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes were directly linked to oral health.  

Read the complete article here.

It’s time that I re-consider my oral hygiene habits. Do you rinse your mouth after EVERY meal? Sure, you don’t. You only rinse your mouth when you are at home. At restaurants, we are too ashamed to rinse our mouths. A habit that has led to severe ramifications. 

So here’s what I am going to do:

Brush my teeth, twice a day

Rinse my mouth after EVERY meal



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