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Three things no one ever told you about Twitter!

Like I promised, here I am back with my Twitter tips and tricks. 😉

If you have missed my earlier post, read it here

Have been wanting to write this post since a long time. Finally, here it is.

1. You can TURN-OFF re-tweets 

Yes, you read it right! Sometimes, it can annoy you when someone you follow RTs a lot of tweets within a short span of time. You wouldn’t want to un-follow them, but what to do if their RTs are annoying? Simple solution: Turn off Retweets.

2. How to expand your Twitter search 

Peeps working with social media agencies will relate to this one! Previously, Twitter search enabled users to search within a radio of upto a 1000km or whatever you want.

All you have to do is, do the regular search and change the distance from 15miles, which is the standard search radius, to whatever you wish.

3. Discover

How many of you actually use the #Discover tab?

If you are not using it already, it’s time that you did!

The Discover tab is sort of social media gossip cum news centre. Twitter brilliantly customises tweets and news and delivers it to you in the discover tab. Some times you may find it boring but trust me, it’s a very useful tab!

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