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Their Day of Love

She was returning home after a long day at work, when the first monsoon showers hit earth!

The first shower of the monsoon…. It brought back so many memories for her. She wanted to forget them. Tucked deeply in a box of memories, she made sure she never opened it again. Getting drenched today, the memories flew back. It was difficult to control them. She fought hard. She wanted them to stop. Then, as if like a dream she saw him standing outside her place. The rain was harsh. So were her tears. 
He spoke to her and whispered words that were hard for her to believe. Could this be true, she thought to herself. 
Everything paid off. Finally. 
She thought about that moment. When she adamantly made her decision. Her faith and belief turned true. She proved them wrong, didn’t she?
He had disappeared. All of a sudden. No trace. No letter. No message. 
They were supposed to get married the next week. With a broken heart, she left home, looking for him. The search continued… for the next ten years. 
She followed the trail, whenever someone led her to it. With bits and pieces of information, she dreamed of meeting him someday. All she wanted to ask him was , “Are you okay, my love?”
They all trashed her. Called her insane. No one understood about what she felt. For her, there was only one true love. And that was him. 
Looking at him again today, she smiled; cried; laughed and hugged him tight. “I’ll never let you go. Never”
She only felt proud, when she listened to his part of the story… Her tears were of joy now. She let her tears kiss the rain. The first shower of monsoon. This completes everything. Her life is a full circle now. She said her prayers. Silently, thanking all the gods she prayed to. 
This was her moment. This was her. This was her day of love! Her treasure trove. Tucked safely.. 
Image Courtesy: Weheartit

25 thoughts on “Their Day of Love

  1. There is a problem with this story. It leaves us wanting for more. But then all good stories do.
    Very well picturized moment. I connected with it so well that I could even hear the music in the background. That's what a well-written story does to you.

    Anuradha (SKB)


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