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Häagen-Dazs launches a new menu!

Häagen-Dazs has always been my favourite since the time that they have launched in India. It’s been three years and I still remember the first time that I visited their outlet. I was happy like a five year old kid. Weeeeee! 😉
So you will be understand when I was invited to their new menu launch.
One by one the menu was introduced to us and we were stumped. Gorging on all those gorgeous delicious sumptuous superfabulous stupendous.. ohkayy I’m going overboard with adjectives now..
But you get it right?
At the end of the evening all I said to myself was “Today I’ll die a sweet death”
Check out the drool worthy pictures and click on each of them to know about their ingredients.
P.S: If I had to pick a favourite, I wouldn’t; ‘cuz they are all so ‘ohhhh-so-amazing” But, but if I had to, then I would say the Fondue. Hands down.
Check the new menu pics.
Comes with mini scoops of Belgian chocolate, vanilla, cookies, cream and strawberry ice cream, perfectly poised to be dipped into melting dark chocolate and an assortment of fruits and brownies.
A double scoop of cookies & cream ice cream made even more tempting with chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate fudge and fresh whipped cream.

Sink into luxury and romance with cookies  cream and the finest Belgian chocolate ice cream combined with brownie, silken whipped cream and dark chocolate.
Sinful scoops of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice-cream encased in a delicate chocolate bridge and garnished with strawberries and a brush of mango sauce.
The Häagen-Dazs version of classic Tiramisu with scoops of coffee and vanilla ice cream on freshly baked tarts.
Time for event pictures! 😀

Have you tried the new menu yet? Tell me, I would love to hear about it.

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