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Royal Punjab food festival at Nawab Saheb (Renaissance Mumbai)

Recently, I was invited to a blind tasting event at Renaissance Mumbai hosted by Anuja Deora (MissEatingOut). I had an opportunity to meet and greet the famous food bloggers of Mumbai!
The event started off with Chef Sandeep Pande taking us through on what Royal Punjab Foos is all about. He explained that traditionally Punjabis were not known to be hard core meat eaters, and they were primarily vegetarians. Even the meat that they consumed were lamb and fish since Punjab is situated at the confluence of rivers. Only after the invasion of the Mughals, did Punjabis started consuming chicken.
Conversations revolved around our mutual love for food.
After the main course was served, we had the blind tasting. Yours truly could guess only a few basic ingredients. However the maestros (Pet Pujaris and The Breakfast Project) guessed the ingredients almost perfectly.
The evening ended with a group picture. (Shall share it soon)
Below is the media release about the festival. If you love Indian food, then you must go for this!
Press Release:
“Royal Punjab” food festival at Nawab Saheb promises the quintessential rich food indulgence
Mumbai, December 2013: Royal Punjab food festival atRenaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel is a perfect opportunity for the culinary aficionados to savour the distinct rich flavours and appetizing aromas of the food from the land of five rivers. Guests can select from a wide array of Punjabi delicacies from December 16th – 23rd, 2013 at Nawab Saheb.
Chef Yunus Khan, the Indian specialty Chef at Nawab Saheb, has designed an exclusive menu for the gastronomic fest, using his innovations on cuisine inspired from the royal kitchens of Punjab. 
One of the key highlights of the food festival is that the guests will have ample options to mix and match various dishes ranging from traditional Punjabi dishes to sea food specialties. Chef has crafted some interesting culinary creations likeKandhaaribharwan prawns, Ajwaini Masaledar lobster, LahoriPaneer Tikka and Kapurthala Shahibadamikukkad Tikka, amongst others. Whereas, the sea food appetizers will include Amritsari Tawa Macchi, Nawabimachhi di seekh, Kandhaaribharwan prawns (Prawns stuffed and baked in oven) and MachliKhasa (Pomfret). The main course will includedelicacies like Jheengamasale wale, Amritsarimachlitari,KhaasMurgh, PaneerNonihal and Keemagobhicholeya de naal.
Keeping in mind the culinary preferences of the vegetarians, Chef has come up with interesting appetizers and main course dishes that promise to bring out different flavours and textures of Punjabi Khana.  Start your meal with Rajma Naeyojaetey khoye di seekh, Amritsaritalia, BharwanKumbh, Chukandarke Kebab, amongst others. The main course is equally appetizing and will comprise of PaneerNonihal, Keemagobhicholeya de naal, Sarson da Saag and Malai Dal. Don’t forget to try out the heavenly Wadiyon Wale Chawal.
Punjabi meal is not complete if not accompanied with fleshly made rotis, thus the menu will also comprise of traditional Katlame (with chikkadchole and suji da halwa), Doli di roti, Makaigobhi di roti and Missi roti.
What’s a Punjabi food festival without some rich and sinful desserts! Thus pamper your sweet tooth with Pinni, GulabJamun, Seera, Khajoor da halwa, Chukandar halwa, Panjiri, Shahigajar da halwa and Karrah Paneeri.
Restaurant: Nawab Saheb, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
Date: December 16th to 23rd, 2013

Time: 7.30pm – 11.30pm

For Reservations: 022 6692 7558
Address: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel|2&3B Chinmayanand Ashram, Powai| Mumbai 400087



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