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What’s your favourite face cream?

Everyone has their favourite lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and nail colour!  But we hardly ever talk about our face creams. It is so important to keep your face hydrated and moisturised but we always forget to discuss this. 

I’ve used multiple face creams and currently my favourite is Lakme’s youth infinity. Though it promises to firm the skin, I haven’t noticed any thing.
I’ll tell you why I like this product. 
A. Light on the skin. Especially for my dry skin
B. Absorbs easily onto the skin
C. Doesn’t leave any white marks like the other creams
D. Quantity required is just a tiny dollop and this means you can use that tiny lil tube for a very long time
In addition this product claims to give your skin a glow but I’m not into all that.. All I care about is blemish free soft and supple skin. The product is priced at INR 299 for 20grams which is quite steep I feel. 
If you have used any face cream which you swear by then please let me know! I will definitely give it a try. 

P.S: The product was given to be by the brand. However my views are my own. 


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