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Website Review:

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been quite busy these days and hence the delay in my blog post. This time I’m back to share my experience of a new shopping website.
For those who keep following me regularly on Twitter, know my love for online shopping. I buy online more often than I visit malls. Yes, there I said it. 😀
Recently, I visited since I was looking at buying gifts to surprise my dear one.
I purchased four items: 1) Spin the Bottle game 2) Beer Glasses 3) Hip Flask 4)Designer Wallet

The total bill amounted to a little over 2000INR which I think is good enough.
What I really liked about the website is the way it is easy to search for gifts. They have occasions listed down and it is split gender wise. This made my search very easy. It took me less than 30 mins to decide the gifts!
What’s more surprising is the fact that the website has the facility to email and surprise anyone who you want to surprise. So you buy the gifts and the website sends them an email notifying of the same. How cool is that!
The only problem was that the website took over 10 days to deliver the products.

Overall I would give the website a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Have you visited Let me know about your experience. 
*The website shared a gift coupon of 2000 INR for the purpose of reviewing, however the views expressed here are my own

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