Selfiestories, Words and Emotions

Selfie Stories

Hello Everyone!

I have received a huge response to my SelfieStories series which I’ll be starting soon. A lot of you guys have questions about the series, so here I’m answering them for you.

What’s #SelfieStories about?
I’m looking at connecting with people, getting them to share their selfies and stories behind them. What stories you may ask? I believe some selfies capture your emotions, feelings, desires and a sense of achievement in them. I’m looking for that. If you want to tell the world about your cherished selfie that you have always loved, get in touch!
Your selfie story can be any thing from a one-liner to a 300 word article. It’s your selfie story. You get to share your memories, your experiences, your emotions.

Where will the selfie be featured?
Currently I’ll be featuring your selfie stories on my blog and instagram feed. Do share your instagram account details as well. 🙂

How can I contribute?
Just email me your picture and story at

Have more questions?
Shoot them in the comment section below!


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