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The Selfie Stories: The series begins

This picture was taken on my birthday, last year. I was at this beautiful resort that’s closer to Mumbai, yet far away from the crowd. I was lazying around, gazing at the beach, observing people like I usually do. Then suddenly I thought about clicking a selfie. I turned my mobile camera towards me and just clicked.  Back then, I wasn’t a huge selfie fan, to be honest. I always got my pictures clicked by others. I was surprised that it turned out okay in the first go considering I’m so fussy about my pictures ( Usually, every girl is) Being a social media fanatic, I immediately uploaded it on Facebook and Twitter as my display picture. Till today, I receive compliments for this picture. I won’t lie, I like this picture. It’s one of my favourites.This picture is special. It reminds of my dreams, my aspirations, of what I was a year back and what I intend to achieve in the years to come. This picture was taken so randomly and yet I liked the way it turned out. This selfie reminds me about how things happen unplanned yet they fit into the larger picture so perfectly.
Now, when I look back at this picture, it reminds me about 2013, the highs and lows that I went through. It reminds about the decisions, the choices, the happy memories, people that I met, friends that I made and everything that defined 2013 for me. This picture is a time capsule for me. That’s my selfie story. What’s yours? 
The #SelfieStories is a personal project that I announced a while back and have received a huge response. Thank you for your appreciation and support! If you want me to feature your story, comment below, tweet to me @AyeNuMe or write to me at

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