Selfiestories, Words and Emotions

SelfieStory: Saransh Goila!

The first SelfieStory was very well received! Thank you for the amazing response. Now presenting, the second story by Saransh Goila. He is famous for his #GoilaButterChicken and a down-to-earth TV chef!  So, here’s the story:

Not much of a Selfie taker but definitely self obsessed. Always checking myself out in every mirror I come across. I love the camera and the cooking range. This rare selfie was taken to check my new look for my first 30 min stand and stir cookery show. I felt fresh new and confident, all ready to face the world.
It actually took me 5 years to do a complete makeover from being a shy 50 pounds heavier kid to becoming a more fitter and confident young man who doesn’t mind clicking himself and then calling it a Chelfie 😉

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