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Product Review ~ The new Sunsilk Natural Recharge Range

I’m doing a product review after a very long time and I’m glad it’s Sunsilk because I like the product. =D

Last month was very hectic as you know, I had an amazing time in Goa and then I was in Dubai where I was the the first #ThatPepsiIntern *Blog Posts coming soon* Before that, I thought i’ll quickly do a product review of the shampoo that I’ve been using of late.

I quite liked the way the range was packaged: In a quaint little box. I like the color and design of the range too. Quite calming and energizing at the same time.

I have been using the shampoo for two weeks. Most of the times, I use it post oiling my hair since I have dry hair. If I use the range without oiling my hair, it makes it limp and quite dry. But hey, I would still use the shampoo, here’s why:

1. I like the fragrance of the shampoo. It’s mild and that’s really refreshing
2. It de-tangles my hair
3. Doesn’t make my hair limp like other shampoo (unless I don’t oil my hair)

Have you tried out the product? Let me know your thoughts!


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