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A Summer Affair~ Review of The Body Shop’s #SeasonsMustHave collection

The terrible summer is here and we all just wait for it to get over! But we have to deal with it right? 

You can either crib about it or deal with it with your swag, right?

Let me be honest with you. I love The Body Shop products! Who doesn’t right? Their strawberry body butter is my absolute favourite. It not only moisturizes my dry skin but also has that irresistible strawberry fragrance that’s quite sensuous.

When I received this kit by the PR team, I was more than elated. Not only did they hand deliver it but also sent us a thank you note with our picture with Jacqueline post the event. How sweet is that! 

I had never used the body mist and shower gel so I was excited to try them out. Boy, I love them already. =D 

Here are the reasons why:

1. The body mist and shower gel smell almost exactly like the body butter but it is mild. I like it because a strong scented shower gel and body mist would defeat the purpose.

2. It instantly energizes you. Yes, it does. You feel so fresh. 

3. The mist is travel friendly. It fits in almost all my bags. The shower gel is so compact it hardly takes up any space in my bath cabinet! 

Have you used these products? Share your love with me! 

With the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez at The Body Shop Store, Lower Parel

Are you following The Body Shop? Here are their links: 
Facebook- The Body Shop India
Twitter- @TheBodyShopIND
Instagram- @thebodyshopindia


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