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{Latest Musings} Of Diaries and Books

Recently I was cleaning my cupboard and I was shocked at a huge revelation. I had “sooooooooooo” many unread books and unused diaries!
To think of it, everything in my diary has a purpose, why else will it be there. But how did I end up collecting so many books and diaries and never end up reading or using it? It seems like I have an obsession (for the lack of a better word) of collecting books and never read them again. It’s not that I never read books. I have read close to 16 books this year and the discovery of so many books in my cupboard was nothing short of a huge shock. I knew I had unread books, but “sooooooooooooooo” many? That was preposterous of me! Same goes with the diaries. I have a habit of writing my thoughts in a diary. In the past three years, I have used exactly three diaries. When did I end up collecting so many of them and then not using them at all? This is surely a psychological mystery!
A few minutes on google search revealed this..

Bibliophilia or bibliophilism is the love of books. Accordingly a bibliophile is an individual who loves books. 

I may be categorized mildly as a bibliophile. However, I was also glad to discover that I’m not a bibliomaniac.

Bibliomania can be a symptom of obsessive–compulsive disorder which involves the collecting or even hoarding of books to the point where social relations or health are damaged. 

Now, to talk of the diaries, they are so pretty that I don’t feel that using them! Yet, I’m tormented by the fact that I am not using them. Talk about difficult decisions!

Putting all my thoughts aside, I just took my camera and decided to shoot a few of my books- which I’ve challenged myself to read them in the next four months. *keeping my fingers crossed*
{An update: Ended up buying four more books after publishing the initial blog post}
Take a took at the pictures and do share with me if you’ve had similar experiences regarding books or diaries or stationery!

Your comments on my blog post would bring a smile on my face and also help me know your thoughts! Smile and hit comment! 🙂


4 thoughts on “{Latest Musings} Of Diaries and Books

  1. I am a bibliophile… on the verge of being a manic 😛 to the utter frustration of my husband.
    You got such an awesome collection {jealous eyes} and those diaries!!! haiiiii soooo beautiful.


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