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My First Beauty Haul

I always thought I use minimum beauty products. But until I decided to do a beauty haul of all my favourite products I realised that the products I use day-to-day are anything but a few.  Here, I’ve picked my favourites. All of these I’ve been using for months as you can see, some of bottles are nearly empty. My review is solely based on my experience. If you have a similar or a dissimilar experience, do share them with me so that we can discuss the same! I love talking about beauty!  I’ve dry hair, combination skin and dry skin. The products that I use are for the same. I have included skin, hair and body products. The next post will be about make up!
‘A few’ of my favourite day-to-day products

Let’s begin with the hair and body products! 

Hair Oil: Dove Elixir Lavender Oil This is my second bottle. I usually oil my hair, leave it over-night before shampooing and conditioning. This oil suits most shampoos that I’ve used. The only concern is the pump that breaks/ stops working. That is only negative point about this oil.

Shampoo: Matrix Biolage 
I could easily say that this is one of the best shampoos that I’ve ever used. I have recommended this one to almost everyone who keep praising my curls. It’s translucent and mild. The shampoo has a lovely fragrance which will make you kiss your hair! One bottle can last upto several months based on your usage.

Conditioner: Toni & Guy
This conditioner is like a magic potion! Trust me on this. I can easily stock up a whole lot of them in my bathroom closet! I’ve been using this one for over a year now.

Serum: Matrix Biolage
Have tried numerous serums but none come closer to this one. Smoothens messy hair and gives it a lovely shine! One bottle can easily last upto six months.

Bodywash: The Body Shop Strawberry Gel
‘Who doesn’t love Body Shop right?’ After a hectic day at work, this body wash calms me down. I feel like a kid and have stopped myself from smelling the bottle again and again. Small joys of life. This is it.

Body Moisturiser: Nivea In shower skin conditioner
This is a new innovative product by Nivea. It has to be used after the usage of a soap/ bodywash. It is essential a moisturiser but an in shower one. It does moisturise your skin. However it runs out very fast. Not very cost effective. But you can try it if you like experimenting with products.

Body Lotion: Nivea Smooth Milk
Dry skin needs to moisturised regularly and though most products claim to have long lasting effects, very few can stick to their claims. Have been using this product for more than a year and it does last for a whole day. Give it a try if you haven’t already used it.

Now with Face and Hand products:

Facewash: Nivea Total Face Cleanup
This product acts like a facewash, facepack and a cleanser. A small quantity clears up all the clogged pores and leaves my skin fresh and supple. 

Moisturising Cream: Nivea Soft
Though it tends to get a little oily, it can be neutralized by using a BB cream
BB Cream: Garnier 
For day-to-day use I prefer a BB cream with a light texture. The Garnier one is perfect for this. Combined with your regular moisturiser it works perfectly well leaving your skin light and yet covers small blemishes. 

Lip Care: Maybelline Baby Lips and Nivea Lip Butter
Both are equally moisturising. Every time I use the lip butter I try not to eat it up. It smells like caramel and stays on my lips for a good three-four hours except if I’m having heavy meals. I need not say anything about the Baby Lips. I’m sure all you girls are using it anyway. 🙂

Hand Lotion: Bvlgari Tea Tree lotion
It’s also a body lotion but I mostly use it a hand lotion and it works very well. The therapeutic aroma of tea tree is refreshing and soothing.

Hand and Nail Cream: Marks & Spencer
Cherry Blossom has a lovely scent. You should give this one a try. 
Hand Sanitizer: Bath and Body Works
This one is very similar to Victoria Secret but I like the various that Bath and Body works offers. 
Did you like my beauty haul? Do share your thoughts below as comments. Look forward to hear from you ~ @AyeNuMe

One thought on “My First Beauty Haul

  1. Seema Rastogi says:

    Hi Anu,
    Just loved ur first beauty haul…Saw many similarties between the products u bought and i love esp. Dove Elixir Lavender Hair Oil…It is by far the best oil i have ever used…Nivea,Dove, Matrix and Garnier is almost the same products that i use on a daily basis..While i have not used Bvlgari Perfume and Toni & Guy products,so will grab them in near future…


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