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{Review} New Beauty Haul from

I’m always on a look out for new products, be it skin care, make-up or hair care. A few weeks ago I ordered a couple of products from and here, I’ll be reviewing them. 
Though I ordered 6 products, each one of them were delivered separately, which I found very cumbersome. However, I was regularly updated about the status of the delivery. 
Let’s begin with the review:
1. Original Source Shower Gels: Lime and Vanilla Raspberry

Original Source is a UK brand and the first vegan product that I’ve used. I got two of its variants- Lime and Vanilla Raspberry. I was very intrigued by their packaging! Quite unique, I must say!
I wasn’t happy with the Lime one. As opposed to its claim of being zingy, I was quite disappointed. On the other hand, the vanilla raspberry stood true to the name and expectations. Very fresh and soothing. The shower gels costs Rs 255 for 250 ml which I think may be okay. It doesn’t moisturize the skin, nor does the fragrance linger much. Considering that the product lathers very quickly, a bottle may easily be used up to a few months.
Price: 255INR for 250 ml
Value for Money Rating: 3/5

Here’s what the product claims:
Claims of “Jamming 40 Real Limes” fall flat
I’m convinced that they waited long but 82 British Sunrises- That’s a long shot, don’t you think?
2. Vedic Line: Open Pore Reducing Lotion 
I haven’t heard about the brand before, but the ingredients and claims got me interested. Have been using the product for 3 weeks now. Though the product claims to give a matt finish to oily skin, it sometimes makes your skin oily after a few hours. I have been using it regularly post my face-wash/cleansing routine and glad to notice that it did minimize the pores on my skin. The product also contains, Vitamin E along with the essence of Tea Tree Oil, so plus points for that. The product has a pleasant fragrance and you require just a dollop per application. A bottle will easily last up to 4- 5 months. 
Here’s what the product claims:
Price: 200 INR for 100 ml
Value for Money Rating: 4/5

3. Khadi: Herbal Hand Cream
The minimalistic and compact packaging makes this product easy to carry. The fragrance is mild, which is just how I like my hand creams to be.
Here’s what the product claims:
Price: 140 INR for 50g
Value for Money Rating: 4.5/5

4. Khadi: Herbal Face wash
This is one product that I’m really not happy with. The product is strong and can easily burn your eyes. Though it lathers very quickly, it leaves the skin a little dry. It claims to have tea tree oil that helps prevent impurities. I do not buy the claim at all. The product can last up to several months considering you just need a tiny dollop. 
Price: 150 for 210 ml
Value for Money Rating: 2/5

*All products have been used for more than two weeks before it was reviewed here

If you have used any of these products below, do share your experience below!

4 thoughts on “{Review} New Beauty Haul from

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  3. A says:

    I've been thinking of picking up the Lime shower gel for a while now, but am hesitant because Mint & Tea Tree shower gel from this range was quite disappointing.
    Thanks for the review Anu. 🙂


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