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{Product Review} Pantene Pro-Vitamin Oil

Recently, I came home to a surprise sent by the Pantene PR team. The box is very dainty, isn’t it? I received a shampoo-conditioner-mask and their first hair oil!
I decided to quickly try out the hair oil. Read on to know my views.
The hair oil is non-sticky which also means that it’s very light. I’ve used a few non-sticky hair oils before but haven’t been very happy with them. Hence, I was apprehensive at first when I started using this one. The hair oil doesn’t have a strong scent which is a plus point. I’ve been using the hair oil for few days in now and I’m very happy to report that I’m going to re-purchase this one.
What the product claims:
  • The new Pantene Pro-Vitamin Hair Oil instilled with an almond oil formula which gives your hair 24-hour nourishment. 
  • Its non-sticky  nourishing quality  infuses the hair with strength and prevents hair fall
What @AyeNuMe likes:
  • Light and non-sticky hair oil which means I can use it like a serum to nourish my hair while I step outside
  • No unpleasant smell that most almond enriched non-sticky hair oils have
  • Packaging: Compact enough to fit in your bag
  • Price: 68 INR for 95ml
What @AyeNuMe doesn’t like:
  • I’m used to oiling my hair overnight and though the oils are sticky, they nourish the scalp as well. This hair oil nourishes the hair very well. However, when it comes to the scalp, I’m not sure because it’s so light that I can’t feel it.
If you are looking out for a new oil that’s light yet nourishing, do try this one. Thumbs up from my side!

14 thoughts on “{Product Review} Pantene Pro-Vitamin Oil

  1. I have always been quite apprehensive about using oil. Most of the times, even I put it overnight. Will give this one a try 🙂 As of now, have been using the traditional Parachute. Nice review!


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