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Musings of a Bombay Malayali Girl

You know you are Mumbai-Malayali (Mallu) When:

  •  Your surname is either Menon, Nair, Pillai, your dad’s name or sometimes just initials
  •  Your hair is curly
Anusree Menon Musings of A Bombay Girl

Remember Lola Kutty?

  • Your parents have invested heavily in gold
  • Deadline for girls is 8PM
  • And 999 unknown relatives
  • You have conservative parents
  • You regret writing this
  • You do not mention this to anyone for the fear of being ridiculed
  • You know that there are different varieties of Kerala bananas
  •  You like eating.. umm bananas..
  • Your mouth waters when you hear thewords-Parota and Beef Fry

    Slice of Heaven. Source: Pinterest

  • You haveidli,dosha (that’s how itis pronounced BTW) orappam at least twice a week

    Source: Pinterest

  • You love the coconut in your food


    Coconut in food = Yummy food

  • Every two weeks you get invited to someone’s wedding
  • Everyone only talks about how pretty the bride looks and ugly the groom is
  • And of course the gold that the family decides to parade on the pretext of the wedding
  • You have at least 25 relatives residing either in Dubaaaaaai, Gelf (Gulf), Ameriga or Saaaudeee (Saudi)
  • Your relatives complain that you don’t speak proper Malayalam
  •  You have two accents- a mallu accent at home and a regular one
  • You are a fan of either Mohanlal or Mamooty but not both
  • Your friends think Onam is the new year for Malayalis
  • You try to explain the community significance of the festival and dream of Ona-Sadya
  • You feed everyone with unni appams
  • You boast of Kerala being the most bevda state in India
  • You are proud of the fact that Kerala has the highest literacy rate
  • Your friends try to imitate you when you speak Malayalam with your mom over the phone
  • You hate it when they say it’s the “undo-gundo” language
  •  You correct them when they say that ‘Malayali’ is such a difficult language
  •  You thank them that they didn’t call you a ‘Madrasi’
  • You get along very well with fellow South Indians

That’s all folks! ‪#‎BeingMallu


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