Jadhavgadh Fort Pune

Visit to Fort Jadhavgardh ~ a heritage hotel {Pictorial review}

Last month, I happen to visit Pune’s Fort Jadhavgadh. It’s a luxury hotel and Maharashtra’s only Fort heritage hotel. From Mumbai it takes about 3-4 hours to reach the place, depending on where you are driving from. The place is maintained beautifully and has an interesting museum which gives you a glimpse of an era gone by. Food is very average and I felt cheated for the amount that was paid which was exorbitant considering the quality. My stay at the hotel was short- just a night. Since, it’s a heritage hotel, rooms do not come cheap. I stayed at the tent room which is as comfortable as a hotel room, it’s just cheaper! If you visit Pune often, you must visit this place. Overall, I would rate the place 3.5 out of 5. If only they could improve the quality of the food!
Fort Jadhavgadh

The tag line is a wee bit odd..

Fort Jadhavgadh Museum

The museum. Photography was prohibited inside

Jeep, Pune, Fort Jadhavgadh

What a magnificent jeep!

Museum, Fort Jadhavgadh, Pune

View of the fort from the museum’s entrance

Canon, Pune, Fort Jadhavgadh

They still have one of these left!

Fountain, Fort Jadhavgadh

At the entrance, you are greeting by this fountain

Temple, pune, fort jadhavgadh

A temple inside the fort

Fort Jadhavgadh

They’ve redone almost the entire structure

View from the top

Beautiful View

Have you visited to Fort Jaghavgard? Tell me whether you’d like to visit the place or no in the comments below!Would I visit the fort again? Maybe not! But the place is worth exploring once.


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