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Favourite Five ~ Hair Serums & Leave In

Thanks to my curly hair, I constantly need to use serums and creams so that it stays put. Over a period of months, I have experimented with a wide variety of serums. Presenting my favourite five!

1. Livon Moroccan Silk Serum
The newly launched livon serum is perfect to manage untamed curly hair. At times, my hair tends to get too voluminous and frizzy. This product helps soften hair and straighten out the frizz. It works great on straight hair as well.

2. Matrix Biolage

I always have a bottle of biolage in my bag! My hair gets dry because of constant exposure to office air conditioning. This poses a huge problem when I  have an impromptu meeting. All I do is use a few drops and my hair gets its sheen and smoothness back. I have bought more than two bottles of biolage this year so far!

3. Toni & Guy 
The texture of this serum is slightly heavy than most serums, but it is very effective as it quickly makes my hair bouncy. The packaging makes it easier to carry around.
4. Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Beauty Balm
I occasionally use a hair dryer and a hot iron to straight my side fringe. Schwarzkopf’s Beauty Balm locks in all the moisture and as a result my hair doesn’t frizz or dry out post hair treatment.
5. BBlunt Climate Control Leave in Cream
This product was personally recommended to me by Adhuna Akhtar! This works wonders on my curls. Combined with a great shampoo-conditoner-masque, this makes my hair lovable and frizz free.

I have been using the products mentioned above for more than 3 months, except for livon, which I’ve been using for over two weeks. For healthy looking hair, it’s imperative that you follow a good hair care regime. I have shared some of my secrets previously. Do check them. 😉

Do you follow any particular hair care routine? Share them with me!

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10 thoughts on “Favourite Five ~ Hair Serums & Leave In

  1. Adeeba says:

    Nice Post! Serums are probably the most under rated hair care products after hair masks.
    My hair alternates between straight to wavy and my main concern is always frizz. I prefer using light weight serums as I easily get the slick volumeless hair look. I have used the Matrix Biolage and it does wonder for my hair.
    I will surely pick up the Livon Moroccan Serum soon.
    My personal favourite is the Brocato hair infusing serum. It heave hair super soft, smooth and i love its fragrance. The serum is superlight and moisturizes hair well. It has a travel friendly package too so I carry it around for last minute hair styling.


  2. Ida Mendonca says:

    As one of the rule of your giveaway, I am commenting on this post great post i found it very helpful nd informative . thnx


  3. Simar Chugh says:

    Hi Anu,
    I love your Blog style and this post. They way you write is excellent. I have long and straight hair and I think Livon Moroccan Silk Serum will work great 🙂


  4. As one of the rule of your giveaway, I am commenting on this post. I have wavy hair with lot of frizz and split ends. I oil them, wash them alternately and it looks and grows like grass due to which I can’t even grow my hair.
    This post is my favorite because serums will be the last choice to use. I don’t use these fancy products. But here I would like to try the Matrix and Livon Serum. Maybe serums might bring in some effect atleast to the appearance of hair.

    Also your posts are great and helpful.
    Just a small request if you could mention the price, because there are people like me trainees who work for free and have to manage everything on basis of saved money. In that way, I am aware about the advantage and price both. 🙂


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