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Vichy Blogger Meet + Review

Early this month, Vichy India organised a meet for a few of us-bloggers. I was curious to attend the meet and it was the first time that Vichy was organising a meet. I have used their sunscreen Capital Soleil and have been a fan of their products ever since!



It was pleasant to meet Dr. Jaishree Sharad- the leading Dermatologist and the members of the Vichy India brand team. Dr. Jaishree also launched her book –  Skin Talks. I shall review the book soon. So stay tuned. 🙂



The skin consultants at the meet examined my skin. They told me that I had normal to dry skin and not oily skin like I have always believed. I also understood that my skin gets oily in the morning due to production of melanin overnight.

The event helped us address our various skin woes and the corrective measures that could be adopted!

Of all the Vichy products we received, I was keen on reviewing Bi White MED first.

Bi White MED

The packaging

Vichy product Review

About the product

About Bi White MED

The range targets deeper layers of the skin to make the skin look flawless and radiant.

Vichy Bi White MED

Vichy Bi White MED

What @AyeNuMe likes

  • Compact packaging, Easy to carry
  • Light water based texture that easily blends into the skin. Leaves no visible residue on the skin
  • Doesn’t have a strong scent
  • Visible effects on dark spots
  • Makes skin radiant

What @AyeNuMe does like

  • Price of the product

Rating: 8.5/10

Bloggers' Meet Vichy India

To know more about Vichy, visit their Facebook page here.

Have you used Vichy? Share your experience with me!


4 thoughts on “Vichy Blogger Meet + Review

  1. Lovely meeting all you gorgeous intelligent ladies..

    A very neat and crisp article… Thank you so much for your kind words. Am really humbled and grateful.
    Look forward to the book review. The book has just gone for reprint. This new edition will have a simplified chapter 1 and examples of Indian products too.
    Love and regards,
    Dr J

    Liked by 1 person

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