How to Make Curly Hair Beautiful and Frizz Free

If you have naturally curly hair just like me, you would understand what a pain it is to manage them. In my earlier posts, I have shared a few tips and tricks and have also compiled a list of my favourite serums/leave-ins. Over the past few months, I have maintained a routine, which I will share with you in the post. If you follow this, you will definitely be able to manage your otherwise unmanageable curls. Here are a few basics that you need to follow:

  • Stop combing your hair: Curls need not be combed. You can alternatively, just comb them using your fingers to avoid knots. Excessive combing can also result in hair loss
  • Wash your hair every alternate day: Washing hair regularly makes it bouncy
  • Scrunch your hair: While washing, when it’s semi-dry, while using products. Scrunch to define your curls
  • Follow the regimen of 5 products for perfect curls and you’ll be good

Hair Care Regime

  • Use products that are for curly hair only. Avoid using products with Keratinol
  • Don’t be afraid to try a different combination of products. I keep experimenting and I have my favourites
  • Change your hair care products once every 3 months
  • Oil you hair regularly. I usually oil my hair and keep it overnight.  There has always been a debate about overnight oiling. It works the best for me so I’m not complaining
  • Tie your hair in plaits. It also helps in defining your curls. Don’t believe me? Just try it.
  • Not every day is a good hair day. God made the bad hair days just like he made bad people. We all must accept it. People with curly hair and blessed or cursed to have different looks almost everyday. To prove my point, sharing a few pictures of mine below:

Semi Dry Hair. Crown is smooth. Bottom hair is not yet defined since it’s wet.


This is one of my favourite pictures! I’m guilty of over-using it


Another picture where my curls can be properly seen

How do you deal with your curls? Tell me in the comments below

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15 thoughts on “How to Make Curly Hair Beautiful and Frizz Free

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  4. Hetal Sachanandani says:

    I have had difficulty in taming my curly hair since years now & I was considering the idea of getting them permanent straightening but after reading your posts I have gained alot of tips & I’m all set to try them out and fall in love with my hair once more! Thank you so much 🙂 Also the favorite picture you seem guilty of over using is my favorite picture of yours.


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