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Book Review ~ Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson

Recently, I won the Brunch Book Challenge! One of my resolutions this year is to share more book reviews on my blog. So, here’s my first book review of the year.

Private India Review ~ MOABG

Ashwin Sanghi Private India James PattersonI’m a huge fan of Ashwin Sanghi’s Chanakya’s Chants and it remains one of my favourite books till date. Though I have enjoyed his other books- Chanakya’s Chants is an all time favourite. When I finally got my hands on Private India, it was thrilling to read it as it was co-authored by James Patterson- one of the world’s biggest selling thriller writers! You can only imagine how quickly I wanted to finish the book! I was told to read the original series of Private first before reading this. However, I decided to go ahead with this book.

Book Summary ~ Private India

The book is a light read and can be easily be read in a day. I usually avoid reading an entire book in a day as it’s a personal habit. I finished the book in two days. The plot is gripping and very unpredictable. Characters’ mind sets are explained very well. I had a pleasant time reading the book. Though I anticipated a better climax, I was only disappointed as my expectations were higher. I would definitely recommend you to grab a copy of this book if you haven’t read it already!

 Ashwin Sanghi Private India  Ashwin Sanghi Private India James Patterson


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