book review

The Feast of Roses- Sequel of Twentieth Wife

Let me begin by quoting my favourite lines from the book-

“But Mehrunnisa did not know then, would never know, by giving her blessings to this marriage she had set into progress a chain of events that would eventually erase her name from history’s pages. Or that Arjumand would become the only Mughal woman posterity would easily recognize. Docile, seemingly tractable and troublesome Arjumand would eclipse even Mehrunnisa, cast her in a shadow…because of the monument Khurram would build in Arjumand’s memory – the Taj Mahal.”

Twentieth Wife, the prequel to this book sets the context of Mehrunnisa also known as Noor Jahan. This book explores her strong relationship with the emperor Jehangir. His devotion and love for her was unparalleled. He trusted her so explicitly that she became his voice and his face something that was previously unknown.

The author constantly flirts with the facts some popular, some very well researched to suit her story line. She has also taken the liberty to twist certain facts to her advantage.

What I like the most is how Indu Sundaresan has brought out the lesser known character in history and mapped her story.

I’ll soon read the third part of the series.. Till then stay tuned..

What do you think about the book? Let me know…The Feast of Roses


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