Ithaka Mumbai
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Lebanese Delicacy at Ithaka Mumbai

Last week I had an opportunity to have an exclusive preview lunch at Ithaka Mumbai. I have to admit, I went in with a bit of doubt. My thought: Veg Lebanese doesn’t have many options. Maybe they’ll have a few fancy hummus options.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

You have to eat here to believe me.

From the first mushroom cappuccino that was served to the last dessert- chocolate caramel dessert, my taste buds were mesmerized. Every bite was savoured.

I was pleasantly surprised at how wrong my notions were. Being a meat lover, I shamelessly confess that I would go to this veg Lebanese restaurant any day. Below are my explicit reasons:

  1. Innovatively prepared dishes
  2. Well presented dishes
  3. Their Mushroom Cappuccino is the BEST I’ve ever had
  4. Closer to office. Opposite to Phoenix Mills. This means, I can go there any time from Monday-Friday!
  5. Their desserts. Though they are not all Lebanese but delectable indeed.

Ithaka opens doors on the 17th of February 2015. So if work/live in or around Lower Parel, do give this place a try. A meal for two would cost you approx 1500 INR.

Enjoy the pictures! 🙂

Ithaka Mumbai Lebanese Restaurant

Mushroom Cappuccino

Best Mushroom Soup that I’ve ever had

Roasted Pepper Soup

Roasted Pepper Soup

Sesame Zucchini at Ithaka

Sesame Zucchini

Sesame Zucchini at Ithaka

Sesame Zucchini

Hummus Harra at Ithaka

Hummus Harra

Sundried Tomato Hummus

Sundried Tomato Hummus

Turkish Baked Potato

Turkish Baked Potato

Ithaka Mumbai

Broccoli and Creamy Rice

Salted Caramel Tart

Chocolate and Salted Carmel Tart

Will you have a meal at Ithaka? Do you have a favourite Lebanese place? Share your thoughts below!

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