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Six Types of People our Society Needs

The other day, I was deep in thoughts (as usual) and I was thinking about the kind of people that I meet. I keep categorizing them. The fashionistas, the bad-make up doers, the not-so-funny ones, the PJ experts, the irritating ones. My train of thought led me to create a short list of people who I think would help me and the society in general. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the following list of people could make our lives more fun and simple!

1. The Vape Buddies

Some of us have sutta buddies. How about  upgrading to Vape Buddies? Okay, let me clarify. An e-Vape is an electronic vaping device that produces only vapour, and no smoke. It comes with a convenience of Doing It Anytime, Anywhere. Vape buddies could be your wingman/wingwoman. They can kick-start conversations and break the ice!

2. The Selfie Experts

Every girl (and not-so-hot guy) in town thinks that he/she is just too good at clicking selfies. Though, I predict that the selfie craze will eventually die a miserable death this year, some of you people (sorry, me as well) can’t just stop clicking selfies. Some weaklings are just miserable at selfies. They need expert guidance. The Selfie Experts will do humanity a service. I have no doubts about that.

P.S: A friend is considering a masters’ degree in selfie clicking with advanced techniques. Interested people please email me

Sherry 1

3. Letter Writers

Have you seen the movie Her? We really need people like Theodore Twombly who can write beautiful letters. I would prefer them to be hand written. Letters that are so beautifully written that you wish they were real people. Letters that can caress you like a lost lover..


4. Anonymous Courier Senders

Imagine those zillion times that you felt like sending something nasty to your enemies? Come on, don’t pretend that you have felt like it. At least once? Yeah, well maybe these guys could be of your help. You and I can claim to be all nice, but deep down, some of us are mean. We are nasty. We seek revenge. Sometimes, the best revenge can be extracted anonymously. Don’t you think so?


5. Professional Rant Listeners

At times, when life gets too hectic and shit hits the roof you need an un-psychological but very reasonable understanding of WHY they hell isn’t everything going right. But you also want assurances of why you are pretty, smart, sexy and how everyone is just jealous of you. Basically, you need an over-hyped psychiatrist with the qualities of a friend. A profriend- a professional who doubles as your part time friend. Okay, that was actually bad. My bad.


6. Sarcasm Teachers

You know what they say, Sarcasm is like electricity in India. Half the population doesn’t get it. Hence, we need to educate the masses. Hence the teachers, get it? No? Well… you just joined the school


Do you think I can add onto this list? If you could be one of the above mentioned people, who would you be? Come on, tell me in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Six Types of People our Society Needs

  1. If I had to be one of these, I would prefer to be anonymous courier sender. I never thought of doing such a thing to my enemies but yep, that would be really fun. LOL
    You have a really nice blog over here. It is my first visit and I am greatly impressed. Awesome work. Keep it up! And now, I think I would know how Bombay girls really are… 😉


  2. Vijayalakshmi says:

    Hey anu! I am a frequent letter writer to my best friend who stays abroad. But the society needs more GK providers since the sensible people have become a scarcity out here! What do you think?


    • Hey Vijayalakshmi!

      I agree. Sensible people are scarce here. We need people who can dole out GK when needed to the unfortunate who haven’t had the privilege to update their knowledge.


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