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5 skin care products you must try

Presenting my current favourites when it comes to skin care!

Products to use in Summer

1. Original Source Chocolate and Mint Body Wash

How’s the product?  I’ve always like Original Source‘s body washes. But this one is my favourite  so far! It smells exactly like chocolate mint! The fragrance doesn’t stay long enough for anyone else to notice. However, it can recharge you instantly and that zing to your day! The body wash is available at select medical stores like health and glow and can also be purchased online!

Price? 225 INR for  250 ml

How long will it last? Unlike other body washes, you need a larger dollop to produce enough lather. It could last for around 2-2.5 months.

2. Inveda Neem and Gotukola Face Wash

How’s the product? This face wash is Light, refreshing and cools the skin. Though I don’t really like the packaging, the product itself makes up for  it.

Price? 150 INR for 100 ml

How long will it last?  A small coin size dollop is enough for the face. It lathers instantly. The product could last for 3-4 months.

3. Inveda Body Butter Cream With Nourishing Vanilla & Almond

How’s the product? As I have very dry skin, I keep using body butters a lot. I’m very fond of fruity fragrances but once in a while I switch to more nourishing ones. This product is just perfect for that. It is enriched with vanilla and almond and has a very mild scent of the ingredients. Though due to the size of the product, it isn’t very travel friendly.

Price? 225 INR for 100 ml

How long will it last? It depends on how much and how often you use it. If used regularly, the product could last for about two months.

4. Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter

How’s the product? After using this product, I haven’t switched to any other lip care product. I’ve always been a loyal user of Nivea! The butter nourishes lips well enough and stays for almost four-five hours. It doesn’t colour the lips but the product is thicker than other balms/butter and hence stays for a longer duration.

Price? 189 for 16.7 gms

How long will it last? This product can last for 4 months or more depending on the frequency of usage.

5. Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk

How’s the product? A very good make up remover! The product is thick and it removes make  up instantly, most of the times when you clean the skin with a cotton pad. Sometimes you may need to reapply as the make up still leaves behind stains or marks on the skin. The product doesn’t have any strong scent.

Price? 110 INR for 100 ml

How long will it last? Depending on your usage of make up, it could last for upto 5 months or more!

Have you been using any of the above mentioned products? Share your views with me! 

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