Olique anti-dandruff oil review
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Anti-Dandruff & Anti-Hair Fall Hair Potion by Olique

Curly hair requires constant maintenance and grooming. No doubts about that. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible as so many claim. I have always maintained that for good curls you need to follow a few steps! Step number one being oiling your hair regularly. For short hair, once in two days (YES) and for longer hair, twice or thrice in a week.

Recently, I tried this new brand of hair oil- Olique Hair Potion, which according to my cousin, worked wonders on her hair. As if the horrors of maintaining curly hair were not enough, the  change in weather paved way for dandruff too! Thoroughly familiar with the downside of using anti-dandruff shampoos (guess you all know they make hair dull and lifeless), I decided to give the hair potions by Olique a shot. Afterall, who does not want an easy remedy that helps you get rid of dandruff without bombarding hair with toxic chemicals? Olique comes in two variants- for normal hair and for dry and damaged hair. While I used the one for dry and damaged hair, my mum used the one for normal hair.

Olique Hair Oil

Two variants of the Hair Oil

I always oil my hair in the evening and keep it overnight. This suits my hair type. In case you don’t like leaving oil on your hair overnight, you should at least oil it two hours before bath. This helps the oil condition your hair and scalp and removes dirt.

Mom and I have used the hair oil for over a week now and am happy to report that we are very happy with the results.

What AyeNuMe Likes:

  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Non-sticky
  • Deeply Nourishes hair and doesn’t make hair too oily post shampooing
  • Cools your head- I massaged my scalp with it for a couple of minutes. Mom said she found the hair oil very soothing too. I couldn’t agree more!
  • Travel friendly packaging. The product comes with a pump and the 50g bottle can be carried easily while travelling to work or otherwise as well
  • Has anti dandruff and anti-hair fall properties. Usually hair oils claim to fight either hair fall or dandruff. What I like about this product is that it battles two of my major hair concerns- Hair Fall and Dandruff!

What AyeNuMe doesn’t like:

The only thing that I did not like about the product is its non-availability in stores across India , but it is available in all leading stores of Hyderabad and major e -commerce websites.

One Rating

If you are looking at changing your hair oil, let me know in the comments below!

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