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Always a fan of The Body Shop Products

The Body Shop has the most amazing products. Who can deny that? It’s been some time that I have shared a post about The Body Shop, so I decided to share my favourite fie products of the brand. These products are not shared in any particular order of preference. I’m sure some of these products would feature in your ‘favourite’ list as well.

Strawberry Body Butter

I have extremely dry skin and I constantly use moisturisers. Whenever, my skin gets extra dry or flaky, this product comes to my rescue! This product has been in my kitty since the four years now. 995INR for 200 ml is a justifiable price, since the it moisturises the skin through out the day and has a sweet fragrance that lingers for hours.  The product could last for about three-four months, sometimes even six-seven months, depending on your usage!

 Satsuma Body Polish
The zesty citrus scent of Satsuma Body Polish helps you kick-start your day. It refreshes not only the body but awakens your senses especially if you have woken up all grumpy! The product leaves the skin soft and smooth and you don’t need to use a body wash moisturizer post usage of this product. This body polish should be used only once in three-four days. Excess exfoliation is not advisable. A 200 ml pack costs 650INR and it should last for about three-four months depending on the usage.

Strawberry Body Puree

This body lotion is lightweight  and cool the skin. This is because it has strawberry seed oil. It hydrates dry skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. This lotion smells like the strawberry body butter, but the texture is light and fragrance a little less strong. What I really like is that the product comes with a pump which means, it’s more hygienic! Price of the product is 695 INR for 250 ml. The product could last for up to three months. 

Dreams unlimited
This is one of the famous body butters. It’s priced higher than the strawberry one  ~ 1295 INR for 200 ml. The pricing is justified since it smells exactly like the famous fragrance- Dreams Unlimited which is uplifting! The body butter is a fusion of citrus, green chilli, white flowers and cedarwood notes. What I like the most is the fresh, white-floral scent!


I have to admit, this is my first eye-cream product. Of late due to long working hours and sleepless nights, occurrence of dark circles have increased. This prompted me to use this product. This product was perfect as it brightens eye area and improves darkened skin! The product is priced at 2295 INR for 15 ml. (Disclaimer: This product was sent by PR for reviewing purposes)

What are your favourite The Body Shop products? Share it with me! 

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