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Review of Get Lunchin ~ Food Ordering Service

If you have read my Tiffin Services in Mumbai post, you’d know that I love experimenting with different food services. So, when I came across Get Lunchin, I was expecting the food service to be like the regular tiffin service. I was wrong.

Unlike, the regular tiffin services- Get Lunchin serves a different meal every day. Right now, only the the current day and next day’s meals are shown on the website. Meals  are prepared by a varied team of Home-chefs who are food enthusiasts, professional chefs or a simple homemaker.

The website is easy to navigate and you can place order very quickly. As of now they only serve to a select places in Mumbai (Andheri -Malad peeps are lucky) but I have been told that they plan to expand their operations soon. (Peeps from Lower Parel, you need to try this once it’s available here)

(Disclaimer: I was contacted by Team Lunchin to review their service and they were gracious enough to send me two meals- veg and non veg)

The Veg Meal (prepared by Chef Priti Raj) Consisted of

  1. Three Paranthas
  2. Rice
  3. Dal Tadka
  4. Paneer Makhani

The Non-Veg Meal (prepared by Chef Jamila Jabalpurwala)Consisted of:

  1. Three Paranthas
  2. Rice
  3. Dal Tadka
  4. Kashmiri Chicken

One meal was more than enough for two people as the food quality was exellent, appetising and very filling. It will immediately remind you of Maa ke haath ka khana with extra goodness and love.

I shared by two ‘dabbas’ with my colleagues and everyone who could spare a bite was more than happy to taste the food.


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What makes it different from other food service?

  • Quality food without the ‘restaurant’ wala taste 
  • Sumptuous food that’s finger licking good (oh yes!)
  • Wholesome meal
  • Can Order a day in advance
  • No minimum order

What can they improve on?

  • Though the cost of the food (270 INR) justifies the quality of the food, a lot can be improved on meal customizations and quantity. I’ve been told that they are working on this.
  • Introduce more food options

Final Verdict:

If you are in the mood for some sumptuous  ‘ghar ka khana’ that’s delicious and healthy, opt for this service!


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