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My Work-Space

Working in a digital agency requires a lot of work from home. My colleagues from the social media industry would agree with me. Working from home has its own pros and cons. The pros being working from your space in peace in your comfort with full abandon!

perfect work desk

Don’t you want your desk to be like this?

I have my work zone or work space at home which of late, I have tried to decorate it with pleasure. Each item signifies something for me and while I concentrate on my work, my work space feels special. I find it important to personalize my work desk in office and here at home my desk space provides me the ease and comfort of working from my zone!

I recently shopped online at Flipkart for a bunch of items for my new work desk at home! Did you know that they have a separate section for home store? I found a wide range of products and the section is sorted into different sections such as Home Furnishing, Kitchen & Dining, Kitchen Appliances which eases online shopping. I also found the rates very competitive to other websites and I bought a few products that were on good discount!

Have a look below at let me know what do you think!

Book Ends

If you follow me on Twitter, you’d know that I won last year’s #BrunchBookChallenge and am currently trying to finish my goal of 35 books this year. Thanks to HT Brunch who shipped 23 books, I have a mini-library at home! It was only time that I got myself a cute book end which will be an addition to my work desk

My lovely book stand

My lovely book stand

Wooden Pen Stand

I’m a huge stationery buff! In-evidently, my desk- whether at home or work has lot of pens, pencils, sketch pens, highlighters etc! 

This wooden pen stand fits perfectly in my desk and the beauty of this item is that it can be used as creatively as you want to. Be it just a show piece or as a decorative item!

Spectacle Stand

This is one of the coolest items on my desk! So many times, I have either broken my spectacles or scratched the glass. Enter this amazing product and my spectacles aren’t lying around, neglected and lost! 

This wooden show-piece looks quirky amidst my laptop, mug and stationery. It almost looks like I have someone over looking my work. 

Analog Clock 

While shopping for different items, I chanced upon this beautiful looking analog clock and on an impulse just bought it!  And guess what, I don’t regret it. It sits comfortably on my desk while I glance upon it once in a while to check time. I’m so used to checking the time on my watch; this analog clock is a fresh welcome

Desktop at home

My work station with the wooden pen stand, spectacle stand & analog clock!

Shoe Rack 

Second to only make up, a girl really cares about her shoes! The problem with my shoe rack was that it was inaccessible. It was a wall unit- away next to the drawing room. I quickly got a shoe rack next to my desk. It was easy to assemble and was set up in a few hours. This shoe rack could hold ALL of my shoes. I’m a happy girl! I could sort them in order and was able to access them quickly.

Oil Painting

This oil painting of the Buddha is so calm and serene. It was one of the suggested products by the website and without any second doubts; I immediately added it onto my cart. 

Calm & Serene Painting

Calm & Serene Painting

Photo Frame

A picture of my family on my desk brings a smile on my face! 

What do you about these items that I have purchased for my home? How often do you shop from Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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