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6 reasons why I love shopping at Flipkart!

I have shopped from Flipkart right from the days when they delivered just books. Today, I shop for almost everything right from books to home decor to clothes. Online shopping is the best option for those that want to be lazy and shop from home. I have limited my visits to retail stores these days. I find online shopping more convenient than store visits. Being in the digital media industry, I constantly keep myself updated on various brands and their social media campaigns. Flipkart’s latest campaign #EveryWishFulfilled tries to weave an interesting story and provides a humane touch to the delivery process. It also connects with viewers on different levels- kids, adolescents, youth and parents. This is a brilliant way to target multiple target groups.  Here’s the video:

The video reminded me of my childhood days and how things were different back then. I remember throwing temper tantrums as a kid. On one occasion, I demanded that I be gifted a box of my favourite pastel colours at a crazy hour and my parents found it extremely difficult to procure it. I tried to imagine how my parents would have reacted, if we had flipkart back then. As a loyal user I can proudly say that Flipkart continues to fulfil all my wishes.

6 reasons how #EveryWishFulfilled at Flipkart and why I continue to shop from them:

  1. Books

Being an avid reader, what I love about Flipkart is their huge collection of books and the discounts that they offer. An added bonus is their witty bookmark that accompanies almost every book. The joy of receiving a new book is unparalleled.

  1. Online Window Shopping

Here’s a confession: I window shop, online. Whenever, I’m low, I cheer myself by logging onto Flipkart, shopping for many items by adding them to my cart. And when I see the outrageous bill amount, I quietly log out. Only to return a few minutes later to drop ‘unwanted’ items off the cart and make a quick buy. The whole exercise lasts for about a few hours! It’s difficult to gauge how quickly time passes by when you are fervently

  1. All in one Store

It amazes me how Flipkart has grown to include almost every store right from electronics to fashion. With so many options available, the dilemma is not about not finding the right product but it’s about picking the right one!

  1. Super Offers

The offers that I get at Flipkart are way better than any retail store.

  1. Customer Service

Sometimes, certain clothes have size or fitting issues. Flipkart has easy replacement or return policies which makes it convenient to shop

  1. Speedy Delivery

The quick one day delivery option is the best thing about emergency shopping. I don’t mind paying an extra amount for super fast delivery!

Flipkart takes extra effort to get #EveryWishFulfilled. What do you think about Flipkart’s latest campaign? Tell me in the comments below!

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