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Mangrooves and Mangoes

When life becomes just a series of tasks, I try to take a step back to analyse, to smell the roses.  I decide to take a relaxing break where I just don’t do anything and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I try visiting new places, catching up on all my missed tv shows & movies, read books that have started to gather dust.

Taking a break from work in Mumbai


But sometimes I visit my favourite place- Kerala. It’s bliss to forget everything about the daily chaos, deadlines, work pressure, hectic social life and everything mundane. The heart aches to do nothing for a while- being accustomed to a chaotic Mumbai, I do not like being getting accustomed to a leisurely life. The tiny little break as we call it of two or three weeks is all what the body and the soul craves for when life is just all about presentations, reports, client meetings. I am guilty of spending more time with my office laptop than my family. I’m guilty of just not having enough time. Days pass into months into years and then comes a day when I tell myself that it’s too much. I need a short vacation. I need to be calm. Only one place comes to my mind- Palakkad, Kerala my beloved Kerala where my close kin continue to stay. Where I spent my summer holidays during childhood days. My grand mom- I miss her. I miss her running behind me, as I avoid eating lunch- too simple for my liking. I miss her giving me mangoes slices that tastes just like heaven.

What makes me reminisce of my Kerala days, you may ask! Food is a part of all our memories. And any food that can make me remember my Kerala has a special place in my heart!

As I returned to Mumbai post a good three week break, I was welcomed by a huge box that was awaiting my return. Unable to mask my curiosity, I opened the box to find a hamper sent by the Tropicana Slice Team. Special mention to Amazon for taking extra care to individually pack six bottles.

Tropicana and Slice have merged their synergies to form the brand Tropicana Slice. Both the products were under PepsiCo. This merger is interesting just as their marketing is. Katrina remains to endorse the new brand without shifting focus from the goodness of Alphonso mangoes. Slice brings the expertise of nutrition and great taste to the table. At first, the Tropicana-Slice seems to be just a re-branding of sorts. So I was keen to taste the new product.

Boy, I love the new product. You can taste the difference, thanks to Tropicana’s fruit expertise. In a matter of three days six bottles seem to vanish! Yeah, we are a bunch of foodies at home.

best Tropicana SLICE  review

Just when I was missing Kerala, Tropicana Slice transported me back to Kerala- reminding me of my grand mom who cut luscious mangoes into slices that seem to just disappear within seconds- into our mouths!

Fun Fact: Tropicana Slice uses Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes and Ratnagiri region on the Konkan coast are known to be the best source for premium Alphonso mangoes. Here, check out their TVC if you haven’t already

Everyone has their own choice of favourite mango drinks.  So I asked my family and close friends to try the product.

Here’s what they say,

  • It’s yummy and refreshing. Perfect drink for the summers ~ My Mom
  • I think it tasted like Slice, but a bit thicker ~ Reshmi, Sister
  • Umm, I like the cool new packaging and I guess it tasted a bit different ~ Neighbour

My Rating

I liked the all new Tropicana-Slice and would urge you to at least give it a try. Later, why don’t you drop by and leave comments to tell me what do you think about the drink?

Till then, stay in touch. Shoot me an email at ayenume2202@gmail, Tweet at me, or just like my Facebook Page!Signature (2)


2 thoughts on “Mangrooves and Mangoes

  1. prasad says:

    good blog. i have been to kerala too. very beautiful place. but when they call it god’ own country its like going too far its similar to calling sachin tendulkar god/god of cricket. kerala is lush green but 90% of it is artificial tea plantation by tata tea company so there r hills after hills all lush green thanks to tata tea. also the temperature is high and someone tells me in summer its unbearably hot. i liked munnar the best for its cool and green weather. However i think my first love is bombay. my origins r from ratnagiri , its scenic too but i like only the mangoes from there but place i prefer is bombay. ofcourse bombay has been unbearably hot this year and as i type.


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