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Sunday Brunch at JW Cafe

Mumbai has many restaurants for brunches. Some hotels are famous just for their Sunday brunches. Lotus Cafe in JW Marriott in Juhu is known to be one of the best restaurants for Sunday Brunches. So when I was invited to the newly opened JW Cafe in JW Marriott, Sahar I was curious to know how the spread at the restaurant to be. Having visited Juhu hotel more than a couple of times, I was particularly interested in the Sunday Brunch by this newly opened hotel in Sahar.

On a late Sunday, JW Cafe was busy with patrons devouring themselves with the sumptuous spread that the restaurant had to offer. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t mesmerised. Cuisines right from Mumbai Chaat to Sri Lankan cuisine was available. The restaurant was serving a diverse group of patrons- it was evident from the variety of cuisines available. What I found most amusing is the attractive pricing package- starting from 2015 INR.

Now that’s what I call a real deal. One must have a really big appetite to at least try half  of the spread available. I admit, I stuck to the safe bet of cold meats, waffles & sushi. I also did try a few items of the Sri Lankan cuisine but I didn’t like a liking as it was too spicy for my palette. What I really loved was the waffles and shamelessly took a double helping with different topping. People who have a “massive” sweet tooth will be happy to know that their dessert spread hosts over 40 varieties. Though I did not try the exotic sea food spread, I was told by friends and acquaintances that it’s a must try if you are a sea food lover.  I had an opportunity to speak with Mr Abhijeet Adurkar, the restaurant manager of JW Cafe.  Below are a few excerpts from  our conversation.

What’s the most popular counter?

The Alaskan Crabs, Waffles, Sushi and the New Arabic food. The Alaskan crabs are imported and not seasonal. It’s definitely a must try

Alaskan Crabs in Mumbai

Alaskan Crabs

Best Sea Food in Mumbai

Best Sushi in Mumbai

Sushi with Ginger, Wasabi & Soy Sauce

Chaat in Hotel

The Chaat counter

Chaat in Mumbai

Chaat in Mumbai

What’s the cost per head for the Sunday Brunch?

2015 INR + taxes for regular brunch and 3515 + taxes including alcohol

Appropriately how many dishes does the Sunday Brunch offer?

Closely 300 with cuisines ranging from Indian, Italian, Thai, Continental, Japanese and Arabic

What’s different about the Sunday Brunch at JW Cafe?

A new chaat counter with a Specialized Chef, 40-50 dessert option, an activity area for kids, range of wines and spirits to complement the brunch, choices for grills and an equivalent spread for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Best Sunday Brunch in Mumnai

My rating basis on my experience

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch at JW Cafe

  1. Wow, what a spectacular buffet. Especially the seafood looks amazing! Sad to hear that the service was not on the same level as the rest. However, it sounds like quite a good deal!


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